When I think back to the late 鈥90s and the early days of the internet, all the way through the rise of mobile, the big data revolution, the push to the cloud, the worldwide transition to remote work, and now to the dawning of generative AI (to name a few), the pace of innovation and transformation has accelerated over and over. And while each of these milestones over the last 20+ years has been astounding in its own right, what鈥檚 equally astounding, yet less talked about, is the pace at which we鈥檝e learned to become enthusiasts and adopters.   

I think we take for granted what it takes to embrace technological innovation. In order to succeed, tech generally asks us to take a leap of faith into the unknown, whether that be to adopt a new capability, vendor, or an entirely different model鈥攅ach time promising to improve the way we do things. Can we be certain that new tech will deliver on these improvements? No. Still, we鈥檝e learned how and when to place our trust in the promise.  

This trust factor is one worth exploring, as marketers aim to better understand the people and the processes behind tech adoption and purchasing. Ultimately, it鈥檚 not the product features behind tech that are doing the heavy selling, but rather the promise of solving a problem or making the impossible possible that seals the deal. And that part comes from people trusting people.  

天美传媒在线观看, we believe in the notion that trust is essential to technological progress. We have created a community at the intersection of innovators and adopters where this trust is found, and where, because of trust, disruptive technology has the chance to thrive.   

Only in trusted spaces do we feel safe enough to try something new. It鈥檚 where change, innovation, and success can be achieved because the fear of trying and failing is outweighed by the possibility of what could be gained. As a family man, a team captain, and a business leader, I can attest to this being as true in our work as it is in our families, our friendships, and on the playing field.  

When Foundry brings together buyers and sellers, makers and users, innovators and beneficiaries, we do so in trusted spaces (both online and off) where new tech can be experienced and evaluated for what it will truly bring to the lives of those who use it. Together, in these trusted spaces built through deep understanding, common pain points, and shared optimism, we decide if and how the tech is worthy of innovating our lives.  

As we continue down this path of unprecedented acceleration, buyers are becoming savvier by the day. Make no mistake鈥攂uying into new technology does not scare them, but they are wary of being sold false promises. It鈥檚 never been more important for sellers to establish trust with buyers than it is today by making good on their promises to deliver needed, positive change to their lives. That means listening to your buyers, understanding them, educating and stimulating them first.  

If the last 20 years have shown us anything, it鈥檚 that buyers鈥 appetites for the next worthy innovation to their lives is as strong as ever. The demand is there, along with their willingness to believe. Now, it鈥檚 up to those bringing it to market to earn their trust and show them why it鈥檚 truly worth embracing.